Darren Hall


I am a self-taught artist specialising in a mixture of art forms including acrylic paintings and ink drawings. I am a full time artist who is searching for gallery representation or similar. I work from my home studio near Stirling but what I really enjoy is plein air painting. My progression of an artistic style broadens, with my adaptability to new techniques making my art unique in so many ways. I use a lot of conceptual thoughts and memories in my acrylic paintings, as well as photos to aid me where necessary. My struggles with mental health and mobility issues can be found in my expressionistic style. I am predominatley a landscape and abstract artist. I use lots of different materials on which to paint, but canvas is my preferred method to use. I still draw with ink and pencils but drawing can be very tiring for me, so paintings are definitley more to the fore. Having such a vivid, adaptive & creative brain allows me to express my emotions and thoughts in every piece of artwork that I produce. Enjoy my artwork and thanks for connecting with me. Find me on Instagram; @dhdennyart Artfinder.com/darrenhallartstudio My own website; www.dhdennyart.co.uk dh

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